February 26, 2012

Chicken Sunday

This week:
One. We fed the chicks worms.
Two. I nearly crushed one to death
 and Kacin won't let me forget it.

One: Worms.
Chickens like worms.
And they go ballistic when they get one.
This was an evenings entertainment.
 Can you find the worms?
It was right under her nose
and she didnt get it.

We resorted to dangling the worms in front of them.

Two. Near Death
When we were working on the never ending
project of organizing the garage,
bumped the chicken box with a bike.
A chicken started cheeping
a lot
so I finished putting away the bike
and went and checked on them.
When I bumped the box,
the water fell over
and landed on one of the chicks
trapping it.
The poor thing.
Kacin is not happy with me
for nearly crushing the chicken to death.
He also says it took me too long to go and help it.
And that I made her lose feathers. 
But I assure you
that despite the fact I am far from being an animal lover
I did not do it on purpose
she is just fine now.


Kacin's glasses broke awhile ago
and when he got them replaced
we kept the old frames.
Kyler has claimed them as his own.
He taped the frame to keep it together.
And wears the lens free frames
around the house
playing outside
and out in public whenever we let him.
(We put our foot down at wearing them to church today.)
The first day Ky put the glasses on
the boys were determined to be twins.
They found matching shirts
and spent a lot of time in front of the mirror
trying to get their hair the same.
So I present to you
the Twins.

February 19, 2012

Bringing Back the Chicken Sundays!

Four baby chicks
have found their way
into a box in our garage.
The boys are as happy as could be
with their girls.
Eric is the most excited of all.
There names are
Queen Amidala,

February 18, 2012


He shoots,
He scores!!!
 The 2012 season
comes to an end.
Way to go boys!

High Chair

One evening,
while Kyler and Eric did this
Kacin was doing this

rebuilding and sitting
again and again

Too bad I couldn't get part 1 to upload.
This is only the end of his demonstration.

Valentine's Day

Kyler and Kacin worked hard
making Valentine's for their classes.
Some of them turned out more
like monsters than valentine's
but I thought they were cute nonetheless.

The boys were very invloved in making candy bar surprise cookies this year.
They nearly rolled all of the cookies themselves.
Yum, yum.

Eric is so good to me.
So awhile back I mentioned that since I'm always the one planning games
I don't really get to particiapte.
He sweetly agreed to make our Valentine's day plans.
He emailed me with two riddles for the boys and me to solve.
They led us to the grocery store to buy a heart shaped balloon.
Once we bought the balloon we were supposed to call him.
We figured out the answer to the next riddle was a local pizza place.
He met us there for a heart shaped pizza dinner and some arcade games.
Another riddle led us to Costco where we picked out a treat
(to Kacin's disappointment a box of granola bars, not ice cream)
and the boys bought me flowers.
Then we filled up our cart with all the regular costco items we needed to buy.
Eric's last riddle brought us to Lowe's to buy a part to fix our leaky toilet.
Even though half of our Valentine's celebration
was getting errands done,
we had an absoultely wonderful evening together.
And I think Eric is the sweetest man in the world.

February 8, 2012

Star Kyler

Kyler is Star student in his class this week.
Some of the things he wrote:
about how he loves to ride his ripstick,
he shows his family he loves them by keeping a good attitude,
a good book he enjoyed recently was "Henry and Beezus",
he loves going to Disneyland,
his favorite celebrity is George Lucas,
favorite color is green,
favorite song is "Oklahoma!"

Love this boy.

Swing High and Low

beautiful weekend weather
a trip to the coolest park
playing outside
crockpot cooking
sharing dinners with good friends
Kyler's Star Student project
playing dominoes and hide & seek in the dark as a family

despite a valient effort at patching, Kacin's eyes didn't really improve
broken glasses
Kacin's mild hearing loss (we hope temporary)
E traveling and traveling with plans for more travel

February 5, 2012

Such is Life

I've always known that if I don't write it down,
I'll probably forget about it.
But when I don't write it down correctly,
it doesn't help.
Contrary to what was written on my calendar,
Kyler's basketball game was at 12pm, not 3 pm.
We missed it.
Rather disappointing.
The extra hour in our day
did allow the three men in the house
to put up the trampoline.

I actually spent more than $10 on a new shirt.
And then I proceeded to shrink it in the dryer.
It will make a stylish shirt for someone's baby doll.

Eric arrived home safely after another
week of business travel.
I'm jealous that he is now ahead of me
in our race to visit the 50 states.

We have cardboard coming out of ears.
We bought bookshelves.
And a new desk.
We completely
top to bottom
filled our living room with cardboard pieces.
We are discovering hundreds of things to do with cardboard.
So while the office is now cleaned up,
the living room is a mess.

Such is our crazy life.