January 13, 2012

The Year 2012

Family Theme: I am a Child of God
Questions at each FHE: What did I notice this week that let me know I am child of God? And How did I act because I know I am a child of God?

Family Goals:
1. Read 4 books together
2. Pray sincerely
3. Learn how to take care of bunnies and chickens
4. Participate in a family activity at least once a month, such as basketball, swimming, biking, baseball, hiking etc.

Kacin's Goals:
1. swim the length of the pool without stopping
2. read the Book of Mormon
3. do a woodwork project
4. read 15 min. each day without being reminded

Kyler"s Goals:
1. read books about 2 different sports and practice what it teaches
2. get all the badges as a Wolf in Cub Scouts and work on Faith in God
3. Fast two meals each fast Sunday
4. write in journal twice a week

Laura's Goals:
1. read scriptures each day
2. improve time on a sprint triathlon
3. make something actually grow in a garden
4. read at least two books on brain development and learning

Eric's Goals:
1. attend the temple once a month
2. {exercise goal}
3. read scriptures daily
4. keep an animal record when we get our bunnies and chickens (like a scientist)