January 15, 2012

Kyler's Baptism

We are so happy for Kyler
and his decision to be baptized.
He has looked forward to this day for so long.
We really appreciate all of the support from family and friends.
Kyler felt loved.

*Kyler was very eager to demonstrate how the baptism would go during the meeting with the stake leader and the other boys being baptized that day
*Kyler was the first to be baptized. When Kacin hurried up close to the font, he started pointing out all the spiders and bugs that were also in the font. But that didn't stop Ky.
*It was an amazing experience watching my son be baptized by his father.
*Kyler's good friend, Drew, was baptized right after Ky. Kyler was glad to share the day with him.

After a lunch at home,
Eric presented Kyler with his own set of scriptures and a hymnal.
Ky had picked them out before Christmas
and he was very anxious to receive them.
Then we all watched a video my sister Jacqui put together
with pictures of Kyler.
Ky felt like a special boy.
And he is.