January 15, 2012

Amazing Race

With some family in town for Kyler's baptism,
we wanted to come up with a fun way to get out
and see a few of the sights Seattle has to offer.
And because I've always wanted to go on the real Amazing Race.
(However, actually this didn't satisfy that desire
because I helped plan the whole thing
so I didn't exactly get to participate to the full extent.
so what I want now is for someone else to plan one and invite me.
you know you want to.
especially if you live in Hawaii and want to have your race sometime in the next month.
I've never been to Hawaii you know.
and I'm assuming it's not as cold there as it is here right now.
so I would go without one complaint.
and I would win the race. because that's what I do.
win. win. win.)
uh, back to what I was saying somewhere at the beginning of this.
We had our own Amazing Race!
claps cheers ooohs and ahhhs

The Logistics:
Two teams divided by the luck of the draw (well, kind of there was a little bit of predeterminedness because e and I needed to be on seperate teams, and the boys too, and Jacqui and her baby needed my van, etc.). 5 on each team. Each person chipped in $10 to cover parking and all other activities for the day. There were rules like teams must all be together to open each clue, each person had to do one roadblock, no cell phones/internet usage, GPS was ok if the address was given on the clue, you must decide who does the roadblock before opening the clue, document each task using a camera, and there may be penalties for not completing a task correctly. E and I were the keepers of the clues. There were two legs of the race. The team that arrived at the first Pit Stop last was given a Speed Bump (an extra task) to complete during the 2nd leg of the race.

The race began at 9am sharp. After going over the rules, each team was give their first clue. It was a picture of the Fremont Troll cut up into puzzle pieces. Teams raced to finish the puzzle, jumped in the car, and headed to a gas station for directions (and beverages). At the Troll under the bridge, teams received their 2nd clue. Each person had to chew a piece of gum until they found the Gum Wall at Pike Place and placed their gum on it.

*my camera was not the one taking all the pictures so I only have a few I took randomly

The next clue was a Roadblock (a task that only two people from each team must do. you must decide who would do the task before opening and seeing what it was). This roadblock was to buy specific items found at Pike Place market (fruit, chocolate pasta, Pig Candies, etc.).

The next clue directed teams to five half of what they collected to someone in need.

The following clue was a Detour (a choice between two tasks)--City Center or Waterfront? One team did City Center. They had to drive and take pictures in front of 6 places (Space Needle, EMP, etc.). The other team chose Water front. They walked to take pictures in front of the Aquarium, Carousel, Ferry Terminal, etc.

The final clue in this leg told you where to meet for lunch--the Crab Pot.

The second leg of the race began after everyone ate lunch. The first clue told you to drive to the Seattle Central Library and find the highest viewpoint without taking the elevator. Once each team found the way to the top, they received a Detour--Scribe or Orator?
No one chose the Orator task. It was to find 3 specific poetry books and each person would have to memorize and recite a poem of their choice.

In Scribe, from a specific list of books given, each person had to find a book and neatly copy the first paragraph or page of the book.

The clue teams received next told them to drive over the Rossellini bridge (the 520)--the longest floating bridge in the world. Once they had driven over it and correctly guessed how long it was (to the nearest hundred) and who Rossellini was they would receive their next clue. (if you have to know, he was the governor and the bridge is 7, 497 feet long).

There was a Roadblock next. After deciding who would do the task, we all drove to Trophy Cupcakes. Two people from each team had to eat a cupcake in two bites or less. This was a favorite of the challenges!

When cupcakes were eaten, teams had to sort through a list of company names and identify the companies that were founded in Washington. After correctly identifying and then placing them in ABC order, they received their next clue.

The team that came in 2nd place, had to do a Speed Bump at this point. They drove to the Seattle Temple and took a picture in front of it.

We met up at Grass Lawn park for the final task--another Roadblock. This park is one of my favorites. It has a lot of ropes and spiderweb things to climb on. The two people from each team had to do three challenges here. They had to stay on the spinning spiderweb  as someone spun them for 1 minute. They had to make it to the top of a tall section in less than 20 seconds. And finally they had to climb across the entire structure without touching the ground.

We raced to the Final Pit Stop--Panera Bread--for dinner.

On my team was Jacqui, Macie (the baby), Kacin, Wade, and Josh. We won!!

On Eric's team was Kyler, Nancy, Barb, and Jenny.

I think the favorites of the day were the Market, the cupcakes, and the Park. And some people were pretty competitive, if that can be imagined, which added an element of fun.

(we missed all our family who couldn't make it and we hope that next year when Kacin gets baptized we can do it again!)