December 16, 2011

You Are 8 Now

Happy day to you, my Ky-by.
Even though this birthday was sandwiched between Thanksgiving and moving day
we managed to fulfill your 2 birthday requests.
1. brownies w/ caramel and nuts

 2. you got to watch Star Wars

And because it was important to you,
I came to your class
a few days later
and watched you glow in front of the room
as everyone sang to you
and you passed out a snack.

You are just so cute.
You're not too old for me to say that, right?

Daddy and I are so proud of you for finishing the Book of Mormon before your birthday, settting a good example for your brother, helping out around the house, being so obedient, and trying so hard to be a good friend and person.
We love you very much.
Stefanie Hyer said...

What a good and awesome boy he his! And what awesome parents he has!

j2nielsen said...

He is such a sweet kid. My kind of kid...brownies with caramel and nuts :)