December 22, 2011

of pajamas and paint

on a recent day out in Seattle
a day like today
only comes about once a year for me--
I did not have to leave the house even once today.
I stayed in my pajamas and glasses
all day.
Days like that are so rare
and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
But it was only because E got to work from home
and so he offered to do a little shuttling of kids
while I painted.
And then he painted with me for awhile,
taking care of all the high parts of the wall.
I get ridiculously dizzy and frightened on those ladders.
I do not like them.
I have conquered my fear only enough to stand on the third rung
at times.
So he is my hero today.
I'm still not sure if I even like one of the paint colors we chose.
But E says he will NOT be repainting it or doing the ceilings
for at least ten years.
no matter what.
We shall see . . .