December 28, 2011

Celebration Week

In just one week, we have celebrated four different things.

Number 1: Adoption day
It has been three years since our day at the courthouse when the adoption finalized! So we had some family fun at the bowling alley. However, due to the fact that this month is kind of crowded as is, we did decide that this would be the last time we officially celebrated our court adoption day and from now on we would celebrate as a family on our Temple sealing day. 

Number 2: Christmas
When we bought our house, we moved down the street from a family in our ward with three little girls. We didn't know them too well before joining their neighborhood, but the boys have already spent many, many hours playing with the girls and we're so glad to have such great neighbors! They invited us to join them and some others for dinner on Christmas Eve. We had a very pleasant evening.

We usually open a family gift on Christmas Eve. This year, we had an Indiana Jones Lego set ready to go. But we got home later than expected from our friends house and we knew we had guests coming over the next day so E and I did not feel it wise to start a big Lego project and leave it out on the table. In the words of Kyler, E had a light bulb above his head. We had an unopened Monopoly game that someone gave us years ago. It has been sitting in the game closet waiting for us to break it out. So we wrapped it up and the boys opened it up Christmas Eve. The boys were both confused why we gave them Monopoly when we already had it in the game closet. I ashamedly admitted that we were lame and it was the game from the closet! But in the end, it didn't matter. We had fun playing our first family game of monopoly (a game that continued the next day and ended with Team Me and Kyler dominating the game) and they still got the Lego set on Christmas (which we just finished building today).

Last minute, Kacin insisted we make a plate for Santa. (ha-he got it all ready using treats brought to us by a friend). He arranged everything by their stockings.

And Santa did come!

We tried Santa's gifts outside on Monday.

And the boys spent lots of time playing with the helicopters Daddy got them when he was in China.

In the evening on Christmas day, three families joined us for our annual Family Untalent Show! We had everything from an 8 year old stand up comedian to a balloonist to a 6 year old singer to a one year old saying "Christmas Lights". I think we outdid ourselves this year. When I was tucking Kacin in that night and talking about his performances and how the show went, he asked me about my performance with the other moms to "Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer". He said, "Were you embarrassed tonight? I think you embarrassed yourself." What's he talking about?! That was the best performance of my life!
( I'm looking forward to a second talent show next week when family is here with us)

Number 3: Kacin's 7th Birthday
Kacin chose Tuna fish sandwiches for lunch (I don't even know why--it was a pretty random birthday meal pick) and an afternoon out at the movies to see the Muppets. But he didn't even really like the movie. The rest of us did! But Kacin was up and down and on my lap and asking when it would be over and telling me he was tired and looking all around everywhere but at the movie screen. The only part he seemed engaged in was when the chickens were singing. Oh my dear, little Kacin! I made him a simple chocolate cake, but he is waiting for my mom to come next week and make him a "bowling" cake. He has informed me that my mom is the best cake maker and it must be her that makes him a real birthday cake.

Number 4: Eric's 30th Birthday
The big 3-0. And how lame is it that we stayed home and E cleaned up the garage on this day. I was feeling under the weather so any plans we may have wanted to make got pushed aside for another day. Luckily, we had already made it to Costco so at least he got his pumpkin pie. And after everyone who wanted had a slice of that pie, I casually asked if anyone wanted pie to the face. Without hesitation, Kyler volunteered and admitted he has been wanting a pie thrown in his face. So he opened his mouth and I obliged him. What fun! He especially enjoyed eating off his face until I made it to him with towels to clean up.

I'm almost all celebrated out. But right around the corner is New Years, and for some crazy reason that I am regretting now, I promised Kacin that we would celebrate the fact that he has been remembering to wear his patch each day and is doing so with very minimal complaining. Yeah!