December 16, 2011

Beginnings of Christmas

Thanksgiving came.
We got into our new house.
All the neighbors put beautiful lights up on their houses
and you could see Christmas trees through windows.
At our house, you could barely walk from room to room
without stepping on anything.
Yet Kacin asked us over and over
"Where's Christmas?".
I tried to tell him it was in a box somewhere buried in the garage.
Or maybe down the street at our neighbors house.
He didn't like those answers so much.
We finally made some time last Saturday
for a fun excursion to downtown Seattle.
We drew names and hit Pike Place Market
to find interesting gifts for each other.
I really hope this becomes a family tradition
because we had such a fun time!
Then we thought we could stop by a tree farm on our way home
to cut down a Christmas tree.
Except they were all closed.
So we couldn't.
And no one in our family has much patience,
except for Eric,
but he was out voted,
so we came home and dug out the Christmas tree
from a box.

Kacin placing the first ornament . . .

 Kyler placing the star . . .

When the tree was up,
Kyler sat at the piano
and played us three Christmas songs he knows.
He had to practice them
because he was asked to play prelude at primary in church
(I love that they are giving the kids opportunities to share and develop their talents!) 

The singles ward in our stake was collecting
to donate. The boys picked out some cool toys
and when we dropped them off,
there was Santa!
Little Kacin looked at his hands
the whole time Santa was talking to him.
He whispered that he wanted a blue bike and a motorcycle.
Kyler had no problem chatting with Santa,
or afterwards telling me all the reasons why
that was not the real Santa.
But he did ask for a ripstick and a book.

Kacin is happy now
that we have found a little bit of Christmas.
Stefanie Hyer said...

Glad you guys found some Christmas! And thanks to you calling me, I was able to find some Christmas in the boxes I found in the garage. Thanks for the motivation! AND I don't think I will ever be happy with many other Santas after the one here. Real beard and looks like the real deal. I believe he is!