November 22, 2011

Outline of My Book

How to Survive When Your Husband Is On the Other Side of the World While You Paint, Clean, and Move Things Into Your New House and Take Care of Everything Else in Your Busy Life
by Laura Faye

Dedication: For my Eric who I love, and also his company who I am mad at for sending him away at such a crazy time

Chapter 1: Prioritize
First things first. And dishes and mopping do not come first. Obviously.

Chapter 2: How to Dress
Pick one outfit. Wear it 4 days in a row. Use the excuse that you are painting, but you know it means less laundry for you to do.

Chapter 3: Ship Your Children Off
But not too far. Just for lots of play dates in the afternoons and on Saturdays. You still need them at night for cuddles and to make you laugh and smile.

Chapter 4: Accept Help
Even when you feel bad because a friend spends way longer than expected helping you move a bookshelf or when the sweet sister missionaries show up on your doorstep to do service and pack up most of your books. No guilt. It's ok.

Chapter 5: Write Love Letters
To your husband of course. gushy ones. In the form of email because it gets there faster. Though his response may not be any faster.

Chapter 6: Proper Language
Do not let your first curse word be because that smoke detector starts beeping in the night. Or because the sink stops draining. Or the toilet is broken. 

Chapter 7: Boost the Economy
By pumping your money into the fast food industry.

Chapter 8: In All Seriousness
Do not stop praying. You are strong. You have support. Life is good.

Acknowledgments: A big thank you to all those kind people who watched my kids, offered to help, brought me cinnamon rolls, or who I just knew I could call if I needed anything. I wouldn't be alive and in one piece after these two weeks if it weren't for you. And I would like to acknowledge the fact that my boys have been so helpful and wonderful the entire time, even though they missed their daddy almost as much as I did.    
Megan said...

Thanks for this post. I laughed a lot. I feel for you! Been there. :( Considering doing it again this next year...heaven forbid! I wish we were coming to Washington sometime soon! Keep posting, I love keeping up with your amazing family!

Holly Decker said...

you rock my socks off, and i am so impressed that you don't cuss.