October 24, 2011

Kyler's Geronimo

Kyler is such an awesome 7 year old. I could go on and on about all the ways he impresses me and blesses our family, but today I'm so glad he is so responsible and loves learning. His teacher assigned a project as homework--he had to do a book summary and then create the main character out of some sort of pumpkiny thing. He chose a Geronimo Stilton book and made an awesome Geronimo head (the white circles are Geronimo's glasses).

But he also begins all sorts of projects that are not assigned as homework. He still loves writing in his journal, but he is also updating his blog when he gets a chance. I just love it. He really wanted a blog for the longest time. I was afraid it would be more work for me, but I finally let him do it. I had nothing to worry about it--he gets on, he plans it out, he types it. I'm impressed. (It is private so let me know if you want to be invited to see it. And since Kyler did, Kacin started one, too.)  

A few weeks ago, I asked the boys what they wanted to be for Halloween. Only my Kyler would consider this one--He suggested he would be a Fluke (E's company) worker and make a computer to carry. And he wasn't trying to be funny either, he just thought it would be soo cool to have a computer. I love it. (In the end, he settled on being something else though--just one week until Halloween! )  
Stefanie Hyer said...

I told you I want to be invited to both blogs again, since it wouldn't let me see it more than once!!! Please invite soon!! Excited to see what they are!

Wade and Nancy said...

I would live to be invited! I can't wait to see what Kyler and Kacin have on their blog

Jenna Allen said...

I want to be invited, too!