October 1, 2011

I Tri

Today was the first annual Allred Sprint Triathlon!
And I totally came in first.
Because it was only me participating.
I am taking that $75 I could've spent
on registering for an organized sprint tri
and going shopping this week.
Now that it's over with,
I can tell you that it was so much fun.
The 1/4 mile swim at the Y was the easy part.
From there, I jumped on my bike
and rode 10 miles
ending at my house.
With legs like jello,
I finished with a 3.2 mile run.
The 3 men in my life timed it all and cheered me on.
I beat my goal time by 5 minutes!
I'm still sure there are many people out there
who could complete a full triathlon in less time than I took today.
I am just happy that I did it and
I am happy that it is over.
During my training at the beginning of this week,
the thoughts kept running through my head
that I am not a runner or a bicyclist
and it was too hard
and why was I even attempting this.
Negative. Negative.
Today I needed to be
Positive. Positive.
So I told myself
I'm a swimmer. I'm a bicyclist. I'm a runner.
(and of course this triggered my brain to think mormon.org 
so I had to add
I'm a Mormon
to my mantra.)
And that somehow kept me going when I wanted to barf
during the bike portion.
And now here's one more I can say:
I'm a Sprint Triathlete.
Awkward pictures. The only time I smiled during the whole thing . . .

 Hugs as soon as I was done . . .

 Flowers from my sweet boys . . .

Lisa said...

Wow! Good job Laura! I'm super impressed- even more that you did it on your own and saved the money to go spend. Love that. I think a lot of peoples motivation is that they paid to be in a event that gets them to follow through. So go you! Your family is sweet. Tell Eric hi!

AnneMarie said...

Great job!!

Suzanne said...

You go girl!!!