September 30, 2011

Sew Kacin

As soon as I posted about Kyler's sewing project,
Kacin remembered about his project
and ran to finish it up.
When Kyler decided to make me something,
Kacin decided to make this computer case for his dad.
So now Eric places his computer in this nice, red fleece case each day
and then places it in his backpack to carry to work.
I'm sure that as soon as all of his co-workers see it,
they will be jealous.
Kacin is such a sweet boy!
Barb said...

Well, could you let the boys know that I really need a computer cover, maybe for Christmas?! My computer is red, I really like pink, black and ocean blue. Not a fan of green anymore, unless it's sea green. I am just letting you know, just in case. : )