September 30, 2011

Enjoy This

I found myself in a few conversations this week
that turned to the topic of enjoying motherhood.
Maybe it was the way I became a mother,
but motherhood is the hardest thing I have ever done (well, still doing).
Sometimes being mom brings out the worst possible me--
the yelling, impatient, losing-my-mind, late again
With all the disciplining, worries, and energy
that goes into raising kids
it is good to recognize
the joys of being a mom.
When I sit and think
I can come up with oh so many moments from just this morning
that makes motherhood the highlight of my life. 
There is joy and fun and love in:
  • Kacin running up behind me and placing a sticky note on my back that reads, "Dear mom, I love you. You are the best mom."
  • Kyler's laugh.
  • Kacin reading to me from the Book of Mormon
  • Kyler filling our house with music as he practices on the piano.
  • K yelling and whining at everyone while I actually stayed calm and in control and showed an exuberant amount of patience in working it all out and cuddling him up (self-control! so satisfying.) 
  • carrying clinging Kacin down the stairs
  • Kyler combing his hair by himself into a striking side part for picture day
  • Kacin practicing his picture day smile
  • Kyler offering suggestions for his house help so I wouldn't assign him empty the dishwasher
  • Kacin jumping up and down and asking what's in his lunch today
  • Kyler asking for cuddles
  • Kacin getting better at finishing his homework with a good attitude
  • Kyler offering to help clean the kitchen table
  • Kacin holding my hand as we walked into his school and giving me lots of hugs and kisses
  • Kyler confiding in me about his new friend
For me, motherhood is the most challenging,
yet, the best and most rewarding.
My boys are growing so quickly and I hope I can
enjoy each moment.
Barb said...

Motherhood IS the hardest thing almost anyone will/can do!! How the children come to you does not really affect the easiness or hardness of the "raising process". All of a sudden having a baby in the home is just as much a shock to your system/routine/life as all of a sudden having a 3 year old. I know you went through some extra hard things with the boys, things a birth child would not have to go through, and I am amazed(although I knew you could!) at your and Eric's abilities and instincts. Difficulties come to all parents, many get much more than their fair share, but I believe they also get more blessings. I am so grateful that you are happy with motherhood, and I bet your blessing cup is overflowing! Love you!
Sorry about the essay. . .