September 18, 2011

great life, greatest show

I think when I first realized both of the boys would be away at school for six and a half hours each day, I couldn't imagine what I would possibly do with all that time to myself. A week and a half into the school year and all of those hours are filled, and then some! But I feel so spoiled with a near perfect life right now because, besides cleaning the bathrooms, my days are filled with things I enjoy and I'm excited about--preschool, tutoring, cooking (with Christy, too!), training for my sprint tri, temple trips, reading, friends, organizing . . . how lucky I am! All of these things weren't my first choice for what to do with my time, but someday our family will grow and until then I'm finally learning to enjoy what I've been given and create my own happiness. And go to the circus.

A week or so ago, Kacin was invited to go to the circus with his good friend. When I heard the circus was in town, I just had to get tickets for the rest of us. But for some reason E thought an ASU game was better than clowns and trapeze artists. . . . So Kyler and I had a fabulous time together. Kyler laughed at the clowns, tried to find an explanation for each magic trick, and was amazed by the motorcycles and the men who jumped through fire.

Stefanie Hyer said...

way cool! You look so cute in that nose!