September 1, 2011

The Final Days on the Road

After Natalie's wedding, we drove back to Mesa. We took a 3 day break from the car and while Eric worked, we hung out by the pool. It's a hard life, I know. But in the evenings when E came home, the real party started. We played LOTS of the dance game on the Kinect (E had some smooth moves and he just can't wait to play again), ate Bahama Bucks, played Ticket to Ride, hung out with two of E's friends from high school, and went to the temple. And that's when I stayed up really late and read the first Hunger Games book.

On Wednesday, we said our goodbyes and got back in the car. Twelve hours later we were getting settled in our hotel in Utah. E worked two more days while the boys and I went to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens and hung out with Kadyn (older brother). These three boys were so happy for some time together. It's crazy to think that when I first met Kadyn he was 7, Kyler's age now. These boys have all changed and grown so much. My boys look up to Kadyn so much now. Kyler loved talking to him about books and sports. Kacin just hangs on every word that Kadyn says. What Kadyn says goes.

There were more questions this time about why Kadyn isn't adopted into our family. We love Kadyn and he will always be the boys' very special brother. They have such a healthy relationship now. There were lots of people who made the decision for the younger boys to come to our family and for Kadyn to go to another family. Considering all the circumstances, it was the best decision we could make at the time. It's been a bumpy road, but we know it was the right decision. We are happy that Kadyn has a forever family now and that we can always keep a relationship with him. He holds a very special place in the boys' hearts.

Pictures from the gardens . . .

 Throwing pennies over their shoulders into the fountain to make a wish . . .

On Saturday, all we wanted to do was get home to our beds so we drove 14 hours and 15 min. and safely made it home. Our road trip was just perfect, but we spent 7 out of the 15 days driving at least 6 hours a day. So let's just say it is good to be home.
Stefanie Hyer said...

Sorry you had to drive so much! Glad you guys had so much fun and got to do alot too! And see alot of people! Very lucky you are!! Just think... there is still a possibility that we could be moving to oregon! That would mean about a 7 or so hour drive to visit your sister, or vise versa! Then you can stop and stay! Not too bad eh??? Wouldn't that be cool! We would actually have family on holidays!? We find out on friday... just 4 more days! So nerve racking! 4 days of hope... and if we do get it then yay! =) Love you guys!