September 11, 2011

Bittersweet First Days

Summer break is over.
School started.
It's so bittersweet.

Sweet: The excitement of new backpacks, lunch boxes, and notebooks.
Bitter: We waited too long to do our school shopping and missed all the good deals on gluesticks and markers.
Bitter: My boys are growing up way too quickly.
Sweet: They are both growing up to be such fun, good boys and they are enjoying 1st and 2nd grade.

Bitter: All day school means a quiet house, which I liked for the first few hours, but by 3:30pm it definitely felt very eery and got a little lonely
Sweet: I have some space and some time to myself to get all sorts of things done--grocery shopping, preparing for my preschool class, temple trips, cleaning, reading . . .

Bitter: I miss my boys
Sweet: I appreciate rough housing and being followed around a lot more.

Sweet: When Kacin came home from school the first day, he exclaimed that it was the best day ever. He loves having a guy teacher (because, as he informed me, he needs a break from girls) and he is loving having his own lunch box and eating at the cafeteria.
Bitter: He also came home from the first day of school showing me and Kyler that he learned "the bird finger" from a kid on the playground.   

Bitter: Kyler misses some of his friends from last year who have moved to different schools or who are in different classes
Sweet: Kyler has an awesome teacher this year. She is so nice and respectful and I'm so happy he is in her class! And he still has many friends from last year and has had no problem making new ones, too

Stefanie Hyer said...

sooo exciting! Sorry you are getting lonely... I am sure I will feel the same way too when it comes my turn. It is always so amazing when I get some time to myself to think for myself. But if more than a few minutes, I have forgotten what to do with my time! Enjoy it though!!!