August 9, 2011

SAM and MOF and GUM

Sandwiched between
two days of me and E at girls camp
and our big summer roadtrip
was a few days in downtown Seattle
at Pike Place Market
down by the water
and at a few museums.
The Seattle Art Museum . . .
Giving Kyler the camera was the only way we could keep him with us.
We didn't have a chance with Kacin.
He ran wild and begged for a time out so he could sit down somewhere.
My dad finally obliged and they went to a "timeout" and skipped half of the museum.
But thanks to Ky
I practically have the whole museum on my camera now.
Here are just a few:

The Museum of Flight . . .

 Touring the Concord and Air Force One . . .

The Pike Place Gum Wall again . . .

Stefanie Hyer said...

Can you still find your other gum you had left before? Cool Airplanes!! All sounds so fun!