August 27, 2011


While preparing my YW lesson for tomorrow,
I turned on this computer here
with the intention of going to to look up a talk.
As you can see,
I did not make it there.
I am here.
Because apparently I have a theme for the week:
Avoid all things that make me think too much
or work too much
or accomplish anything.
I've turned into the laziest bum this week.
I've thrown all my To-do lists right out the window.
I've found lots of ways to put off doing laundry and dishes.
And even more ways to stay away from the boys bathroom.
I only went to the grocery store because our fridge was completely bare
and we were all a little tired of peanut butter sandwiches
and no milk.
And then I layed around in bed all day yesterday.
All day.
In bed or on the couch.
I was having terrible cramps but I milked it for all it was worth
just so I could read the last two books of the Hunger Games series.
I couldn't stop reading.
So I ignored everything around me for a day.
Call me selfish.
But I enjoyed every minute of it.

And this has nothing to do with anything
but today I overheard Kacin telling Kyler
that we should drink our tears.
Really, Kacin?
The Kovar Family said...

Yeah! You read Hunger Games!!! It's okay to be lazy every now and then... especially if you are reading a really good series. :)

Stefanie Hyer said...

Tell Kacin that that would be too salty! But maybe we can put it on food! It is good that you had a day like that! It is good for you every now and again! My awesome neighbor watched my kids one morning last week so I could have some alone time! I took an hour long bath... it was much needed (the relaxation that is!!!)

Stefanie Hyer said...

All mom's deserve a day to relax!!