July 3, 2011

And Summer Begins!

Oh, I have looked forward to Summer for so long! Yes, for the warm days, shorts, and flip flops, but even more so for some precious time with my boys. The school year is so long and busy and I know next year will be even more so. I just want to keep my kids close to me as long as possible and make this summer count.

So, OF COURSE, I have to have a Summer schedule and a plan. We all do so much better around here with a schedule. I created our schedule to be a little more laid back, but still productive. It worked out so well and we stuck to it perfectly this week.

We still start each day with family scripture study at 7:15am-ish. Morning chores (getting ready for the day, house help, practice piano) all need to be done by 9:30am. Around that time, instead of reading from the picture scriptures like we do during the school year, we are working on memorizing a scripture verse each week and then we read a story from the Friend magazine.

At 10:00am on 3 days of the week, we do homeschool. We meet in the "school" room and start with a prayer and then a few fun songs with instruments (glockenspiel, bells, etc.). Then we work. The boys each have a notebook and a list of 6-8 things they need to do. They can do them in any order. Most things I give them instructions and then they are done independently, but sometimes there is a math game I play with them or a short lesson. They usually have a math, word work, spelling, art, research and poetry work with other things mixed in. They get "paid" per work as long as they do a job well done (no rushing, nice handwriting) and keep a good attitude. I write the possible amount they could earn next to each work. I pay them using play coins which gives them the practice working with money. They have to add up their earnings at the end of work time, check their addition with a calculator, and then I pay them.  This summer I decided to do a Friday store where they get the chance to spend their money on things like water balloons, games, and whatever else I decide to offer up to them.

After homeschool is lunch. After lunch is reading for at least 30 min.

Each day is also assigned something special. On one of the days we do not do homeschool we go out on a field trip. Another afternoon is for swimming or playing at the Y. One afternoon we do a science experiment. One day is music lessons and a trip to the library. We also have a day for a short geography lesson.

The boys were so excited about everything this week. I feel like we had a perfect mix of fun, relaxing, scheduled time, free time, work and play.

A few pictures from our first week of summer . . .

Stefanie Hyer said...

I love it! Thank you so much! I LOVE hearing other mom's daily schedueles to possibly give me ideas! And it is a good idea to earn the coins for how well they do with the work. I plan on doing that very same thing with extra chores they do. and at the end of the week they can choose from several prizes that are worth the amount they earned! Now I also may add the school work and learning idea! Love yah!