June 23, 2011

Worthy of the Fridge?

I have two clips hanging on the fridge
for Kyler and Kacin to each hang
an art piece, project, or work they are proud of.
Apparently, Eric felt the need to display something, too.
I would've been happy with a finger painting,
but he had to be different.
And expensive.
He proudly displayed a ticket.
$124 for talking on his cell phone while driving.
Plus, $550 because he couldn't find the insurance card
until after the cop pulled away.
Yes, I would've been much happier with a fingerpainting,
or even a nice stick figure drawing.
Eric hung it up on the fridge and then sat down with us for dinner.
When he started telling us what happened,
Kacin sure lightened the mood by smiling and shrieking with delight
and shooting off questions
about the cop and the ticket and if he was speeding, too
and how he wished he had been there to see it all.
And then we told Kacin the money to pay for the ticket
was going to come out of his piggy bank.
Of course, just kidding.
But really now, you should've seen his utter happiness about the situation.
I still would've preferred the fingerpainting,
or maybe a few scribbles . . .
or a collage . . .
or a watercolor. . .

Don't worry though,
I still love you, E! :)
Stefanie Hyer said...

OH man! That is RIDICULOUS! Personally, I don't think it is anyone's business whether you are on your phone in your car. They don't have a right to that, unless you are driving crazy!

Barb said...

You know I love all your blogs, they are amazingly written! I don't write on each one, but I read them, several times, and they always make me feel good, even the serious ones make me feel good in as much as they bring me close to you all. Don't ever think these writings are not being cherished because I don't comment a lot! I am so grateful for your blog! Love you!

Michelle said...

Hey guys! I came across your blog while reading AnneMarie's. I hope you don't mind. Jonas and I were just saying how much we miss you guys and we wish you were still in the ward. I am happy to see you are all doing well, except for the ticket. Ouch!