June 10, 2011

When He Grows Up

We were chatting in the car the other day
and my Ky-by told us
his plans for the future.
He says that when he grows up
he first wants to be a teacher
and then he wants to help special kids.
I have no doubt that those noble positions
will be part of his path at some point.
His caring heart is drawn to people he can help.
Each day she is at lunch,
he sits and eats with his friend,
a little girl with Rhett syndrome.
He tells me about the days
when the "special kids" are out at recess at the same time as he is
so he spends his recess playing with them.
He has a friend who broke his leg and is in a wheelchair now.
Ky's thoughtfulness leads him
to make cards, pray, and bring books to school for his friend.
He is proud of his responsibility to help push the wheelchair
and is happy to stay in with him or sit out of an activity
to read with him and keep him company.
I am so proud of this sweet, caring kid
and I look forward to seeing all that he becomes.
Stefanie Hyer said...

That is so sweet! What a sweet kid you have!