June 8, 2011

We Didn't Start The Fire . . .

And I don't know who did, but it sure is making a lot of people's lives difficult and destroying some beautiful country. My parents and siblings, along with several thousands, joined the growing number of evacuees from the Wallow Fire in Eastern Arizona. The town that I grew up in is now a ghost town as people packed up what they could and left not knowing what will be left when they return.

It is surreal watching your small town on the national evening news, while you're thousands of miles away. I was even more surprised when I saw my dad's store with its red horse standing proud on the roof in the background.

Click on the link to see the clip: ARIZONA FIRE

Hopefully, this is not the last image of my family's store. Let's all pray that the monsoons come really early this year, so that we can save whatever is left of where I grew up.


Darcee said...

Prayers for you from us here in AF.

Stefanie Hyer said...

That is so sad! I hope all will be okay! I don't think anyone heard that when we were in San Antonio there were fires here in Wichita Falls! Just outside of the base, people had to evacuate their homes! I am glad it didnt happen to our home, since we didn't get some important stuff out that we would be sad to lose!