June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

Eric made me watch a documentary with him about
the Young at Heart Chorus.
Check it out and watch the movie.
It made Eric want to be old.
It made me want to sing.
Which gave me a desire for a good karaoke party.
I got on youtube and demonstrated to Eric
how much fun it would be to sing karaoke.
He thought maybe it should just be a party with games.
Leave out the karaoke.
I wasn't convinced.
But I couldn't think of a good time to have a party.
And then we remembered
The Summer Solstice.
E said if I had a Summer Solstice party
I could celebrate better
by frolicking in the grass and sun
with fairies and dryads.
So I contemplated the idea of the boys and I in fairy wings
flying through the air on the trampoline.
Until I realized I don't have fairy wings.
All we have is light sabers and alien costumes around here.
It wouldn't be the same without the fairy wings.
So after a long, busy day today
I settled on a bike ride
with a twist
to celebrate the first day of summer.
We rode through the neighborhood
and at each corner we took turns choosing our next direction.
Right, left, and straight
we meandered through unfamiliar neighborhoods.
And that's when Kyler's chain came off his bike.
We were pretty far away from home.
Eric wouldn't be done working for another 40 min. or so.
I tried and tried but couldn't get the chain back on.
And that's when a sweet girl across the street
noticed us and pulled her friend out of the house.
A mountain biker himself, he was able to help us
in our time of distress.
He got some tools out of the garage and got the chain back on.
Very grateful to our rescuer,
we finished our game
and went home.
I think Sister Summer Solstice
was sending us a message and metaphor
for our summer ahead.
Like, instead of wandering away,
stay home and sing karaoke.
Or at least learn how to put a bike chain back on by yourself.
Stefanie Hyer said...

THat sounds exciting! And I agree that you should have and still should sing kareoke! Don't let anyone stop you! And learn to fix a bike chain if you bike ride alot! Good ideas!