June 8, 2011

Some More Artifacts

Shall we continue?

I guess I should've included this one with the fireplace pictures.
These three howling dogs used to be the guards
keeping us safe from all intruders
who dared come through the fireplace.
There was a bird once
who tried to enter our abode through the chimney.
He never made it all the way in though.
Thanks, protector dogs.
This is a punching bag.
I think my dad got it
when he had four teenage daughters in the house.
This hung at Grandma and Grandpa Neff's house back in the day.
Connecting the room we call "the Middle Room"
and the room called "the Arizona room"
is a sliding glass door.
The only profanity I ever heard in our home
was because of this door.
We would often close the door
to block the sound
from the piano, drums, guitars or noisy kids playing.
We were under strict command to always open it when we were done.
Well, unfortunately, that didn't always happen
and there were a few mishaps
when the door was left closed
and the glass was too clean
and an unsuspecting person would SMACK into the door.
Oh, the pain from running into that door! 
One of Grandma's frogs.
She was a frog collector.
It was her thing.
She had a frog room
with shelves and shelves
of all sorts of frog items.
She had over a thousand, I'm sure.
In Kentucky, By the dad, With leaves.
A picture in my parents room of me (though I'm hard to find), Jenny, dad, and my great uncle.
I used to think this was my sister, Jacqui.
Not that it was her,
but that it was a figurine of her.
My mother painted it a long time ago
and it has always sat on her dresser.
She says I am wrong and it is not Jacqui.
Not of Jacqui.
My mom's scriptures in their brown leather zipper covering.
I so wish this picture wasn't fuzzy.
She modeled the scriptures for us.

The scale that we all love these days.
It always shows 5 pounds lighter than you really are.
It makes us feel good.
I don't really know what to think about this.
It's a piggy bank,
but not a piggy.
I'm really not sure what he is.
He is an heirloom from Grandpa Neff.
"Here we come, walking down the street, we get the funniest looks from everyone we meet.
Hey, hey we're the Monkees!"
I was raised Monkee.
My mom made sure of that.
I'm almost positive I know the words to every Monkee song.
At least, I've danced or made up a routine to every song.
Remember that mirror at the end of the hall?
This is that hall standing from the entry way.
The left wall wasn't always white.
It began with birds.
Gray-with-lots-of-birds-perched-on-trees wall paper covered the left wall.
Why did we get rid of that again?

Well, I guess this artifact exhibit is going to have to be a 3 part event.
I'm not quite finished
but I'm being beckoned away 
by a 6-year old
who wants banana bread cut and a bouncy ball retrieved from on top of the kitchen cupboards.
Stefanie Hyer said...

haha. how did the ball get on top of the kitchen counters? That piggy bank is Frank Sinatra or Fred Astaire!!!