June 24, 2011

Kyler's Last Day

On Kyler's very last day of First grade, I spent his lunch recess jumping rope with him and watching him shoot hoops. He had such a good school year, but I am soo excited that school is over for two reasons. First, I get to spend with my boys doing lots of fun things. Second, I get to throw away the red lunchbox Kyler used all year. Kyler had such a great year. He learned and made many friends. He especially likes playing with his friend, Ian. I also asked Ky about his favorite part of first grade and without hesitating he said the best part of 1st grade was that his classroom was right across from the special kids room so he got to meet them and play with them. He explained to me that this is his favorite because they are fun and he cares about them and he learned how they can communicate and play in different ways.