June 6, 2011


While I was in Arizona,
I made Jenny go around the house with me and take pictures
of artifacts
from our childhood and beyond.
My reasoning being:
a. historical record/family history
b.. I don't want to keep all these things in my house, but they bring back many, many memories and feelings so pictures make me happy
c. some things I remember so fondly have already gone the way of DI 

I now commence in recording what I think I know about things I dubbed as artifacts.
It is probably not accurate.
What I don't know I may try to make up.
Let's precede.

This is a star that I am absolutely shocked still hangs in my old room.
It took its place on the ceiling
after I made it from wire at the Mesa Museum for Youth.
I wish I could say I was like 6 when I made it there.
I was more like 16.
And it hangs on.
Pink Starfish here sat on my armoire next to my bed.
He had a very important job.
He rested over the corner of the armoire to protect it from getting scratched
when I opened the closet door.
He was a fine worker for about ten years.
He recently retired when my parents moved the furniture around in the room.
A genius idea.
I never thought of it.
This is a mirror.
I think I have looked at myself in this mirror more than a million times.
And half of those times were with Jenny.
This mirror is at the end of our hallway
in between my old room and my parents room.
Sometimes Jenny and I would gaze at ourselves to see if we really were twins like people kept asking.
Sometimes we compared the height of our belly buttons to discover that even though we are about the same height I have longer legs than she does.
Sometimes we danced.
The hall light here makes us look like angels.
Because we are.

 In the entry way is this hat stand.
Various hats have rested there.
Usually cool hats from the antique store.
 The front door from inside the house.
The mail man delivers our mail right through that slot
and it falls into a pile right on the floor.
Jacqui used to shout
"Thank you!"
every time the mail man delivered.
My boys use it as a peep hole to see the outside world, too.
My grandpa Neff made the door chime.
He used to have a matching door chime in his house, too.
You are now looking at the front porch.
The hanging bench swing on the left is the only thing that I remember being there in my younger days.
That is a good swing to sit on
with mom, sisters, and friends.
And maybe even boyfriends.
Don't tell my dad that though.
My grandparents Allen gave the bench swing to my mom for Christmas one year. 
 These two chairs recently took their places on the porch.
The chair on the left used to be in my grandparents Allen's backyard.
My mom won't be happy I can't remember because she told me like three times while I was in AZ,
but I think the chair was originally my great-grandpa Stapley's. 
The red bench sat at my grandparents Neff house in New River.
Did grandpa make this? 
He could have, but I don't think so. I think he just repainted it.
Sure. That's what it was.  
This is what's left of the wishing well.
Pretty pitiful now in my opinion.
It used to be this cute little brick wishing well with a shingled roof
and then some people went and crashed into it
and ruined it for everyone.
It sticks out just a little bit on the left side of the driveway
and if you don't remember it is there
it will shatter your window or dent your car.
In my case, I once got wedged between it and my dad's truck while pulling into the driveway.
Two nice big dents on the side of the Grand Marquis.
All while our cute neighbor boys were outside playing basketball.
Scarred me for life or something.
Now it's just an irrigation control place.
 My house.
We moved there in 1994.
I think the house was built in the 1950's.
I used to play in the irrigation with boogie boards in this yard.
It's a good house.
 My room is the window on the far right
next to the overgrown bush.
I played school with this bell when I was little.
I'm deciding it was my mom's bell.
 I'm saying this was given to my dad.
It has always sat by the fireplace.
 This is a green box.
I think it currently holds matches.
It is my dad's and he likes it.
I think before that it was a great grandpa's.
Wow. I know a lot about this one.
Or not.
But I really do know a lot about Clyde.
He makes a good date for the prom.
Just kidding.
We never really took him out on a date.
At least, I didn't.
Who knows about my sister's though . . .
But we did make commercials and movies with him as a prop.
 I think we may have been trying to smooch him.
It just looks odd though.
 My grandpa Neff made this clock.
I remember having it when we lived in Phoenix, too.
My grandpa is sooo talented.
 The fireplace
in almost its entirety.

I hope I don't make you too upset stopping right here.
Please don't worry, everyone.
I have more artifacts to share soon.
I just have to go get Kacin from school now.
Until another day
when you can be disturbed delighted by my childhood!
Stefanie Hyer said...

I love seeing these artifacts of my past! I also have similar memories such as using the trusty star in my room! And boogy boarding and people running into that mirror, or dad into the sliding glass door! =)

Barb said...

I have so much to say about the artifacts, but I am tired right now. I will tell you I love love these posts, and will correct/praise your memory soon. LOve you too!