May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

My boys finally took the hint I've been giving them
at every present giving holiday
since Mother's day last year--
probably because I stopped hinting
and just told them straight up
if they wanted to do something for Mother's Day
ALL I wanted
was for someone else
besides me
to clean the shower.
Unlike last year,
when I was told it was easier for them
to just buy me something,
they all three secretly scrubbed the bathroom Saturday night.
I was so happy when they led me upstairs
into a sparkling clean bathroom.
Yes, it was much more work than running to the store
but I appreciate it so much more.
My Mother's Day experience was also filled
with Kacin's school's Mother's Day Tea
and skipping Kyler's school's Moms and Muffins
and going out just me and him for donuts
(much more special
than being in a crazy crowded cafeteria with icky muffins).
I received hugs, cards, and clay creations made at school
first thing Sunday morning.
I am so lucky to be mom to such awesome boys!

Stefanie Hyer said...

awe! i am so glad you finally got them to clean for you!