May 7, 2011

Good Idea, Bad Idea

Good Idea: Gathering flowers for your mom
Bad Idea: Gathering flowers for your dad

mid sniff
 We were leaving the zoo this afternoon
walking down a big grassy hill
(because as mentioned before, 
we are too cheap to pay for zoo parking,
we walk an extra 8 minutes or so and leave the car in a neighboring park)
almost to our car
when Kacin ran ahead and began gathering little flowers.
I remarked to Eric
"How sweet, he's picking flowers for me!"
Then I caught myself right away
and Eric and I laughed that they were probably for him.
Sure enough,
Kacin ran over and handed a handful of little flowers
to Eric first.
And then he gave me a few.
Silly E put one flower behind each ear
and drove us home.
At some point during the ride,
I went to give E a peck on the cheek
but the dainty flower tucked behind his ear
creeped me out
so I pulled it from its place
and set it down.
E picked it up again
and placed the stem up his nose
in a "Is this better?" way.
Oh yeah, it was much better seeing a daisy
poking out of his nostril.
How attractive.
He left it in there for a few minutes
before returning it behind his ear.
Then he sniffled.
And sneezed.
And sniffled some more
For the rest of the day.
a flower up the nose triggers allergies.
Stefanie Hyer said...

haha. sorry about the flower giving! and yes, that only makes sense i guess about the allergies! Good to know!

Barb said...

So nice to read an E thing, I miss them! Looking forward to some Laura time, thanks Boys!