May 19, 2011

Arizona Weekend

I stole away for the weekend.
It was a very last minute decision
that I rationalized because E and the boys
would be going on a fathers and sons camp out.
I hate leaving my family.
I love them.
I think I love them a whole lot more after taking a few days
for myself.
I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my weekend
in Arizona.

Three things that would have made the trip even more amazing?
1. If Stef had been there, too
2. Getting a large Bahama Bucks instead of the baby size
3. If I had remembered I wanted to go to the lake, and gone

Three yummy foods I was so excited I got to eat while I was there?
1. Bahama Bucks
2. Costa Vida salad
3. Rosa's Mexican Food

Three games I played?
1. Dominoes with Grandpa Allen and my family
2. Settlers of Zarahemla with Jacqui and Josh (Ticket to Ride was packed away)
3. How big is Jacqui's baby belly?

Three places I went?
1. Mesa Temple
2. Jacqui's new house
3. ASU campus

Three people I certainly wasn't expecting to see, but ran into while I was out?
1. My Aunt and Uncle, at the temple Friday night
2. Mr. Green from Westwood (the teacher who led my Close-Up trip to Washington DC my senior year), at yoga class Saturday morning
3. Ted, at the temple Saturday morning

Three fun things I did?
1. Hiking Camelback Mtn. with my dad
2. Jacqui's baby shower
3. Playing games with everyone

Three ways I relaxed?
1. Walking through the neighborhood with my mom and sisters
2. Looking through photo albums with my mom
3. Sitting in the massage chair

Three times I laughed a lot?
1. when Grandpa got irritated playing Dominoes with three chatty girls
2. when I spilled on my shirt three times before Jacqui's baby shower and ran through Target trying to find a new shirt with Jenny who was carrying a cheesecake she didn't want to melt in the car
3. when I saw Jenny's face in this picture:

Three things I was so happy to return to Monday night?
1. Eric
2. Kyler and Kacin
3. My comfy bed

Stefanie Hyer said...

=) Love it! Glad you got to do that trip! And had so much fun!

Jacqui said...

I need ALL the pictures that I was there for cuz my camera was broken!!!! That way I can blog about my shower and when you were there!!

Megan said...

I'm itching for a good AZ trip myself! (One the doesn't involve a funeral or pnumonia like my previos two visits \"/) I'm happy for you that you got to go!

Suzanne said...

What a great weekend! Hooray for Father's & Sons campouts that inspire such goodness.