April 5, 2011

Trip to Texas, 4

It was so wonderful staying on Sheppard Air Force base
in my little sister's home.
We got to eat yummy waffles, relax, and play at the park.
I just loved watching our children interact and play.
Bryce would take Kacin's hand and lead him outside to play.
Kyler loved giving Preston smooches on his adorable, little cheeks.
We all got such a kick out of the things Bryce would say
and loved to hold and cuddle baby Preston.
We also got to see THE Wichita Falls.
Stefanie took pictures of us on her nice camera,
so these are the only ones from my camera.
Yeah, my hand is up trying to keep my hair
from blowing in my face for a minute. So much wind!
We filled up at one of our favorite restaurants.
And then Stef gave me a nice little evening hairdo.
Stefanie Hyer said...

Haha. Love the hair do! About to post the pics from our trip!