April 3, 2011

Trip to Texas, 3

While in Fort Worth,
we went to the Stockyards and
saw the cattle herd down the street.
Very cool for two boys.
We learned some new things about Longhorns, herds, and cowboys.
What was once a Superman cape transformed into Darth Vader for part of the day . . .
 Experimenting with the wind  . . .
 Hiding from the camera . . .
 Waiting . . .
The cattle's a comin'!
Superman holding up the stagecoach. . .  
 And someone's not happy about it . . .
In the afternoon,
we got to stop by and visit
with our Utah good friends/former next door neighbors
who have gone Texas.
It was so nice to see them and their beautiful home,
watch our kids play together again,
BBQ, and catch up.