April 1, 2011

Trip to Texas, 1

We were so excited to finally get to Dallas!
Kacin started his Texas countdown on the calendar
on day 75.
Note to self:
In order to avoid
constant inquiry and
anticipation overload
about future trips,
keep traveling a surprise until at least day 5 on the countdown.
(Without exaggerating,
there were questions about our trip on at least 60 of those days!
Usually the same questions, too.)

When we arrived, we met my sister, Stefanie,
19 month old Bryce and 2 month old Preston
at the hotel.
We just love our little nephews/cousins!
My boys were so good and tried to be really helpful
with their cousins all week.
Eventually, we made our way to the airport
to pick up Tyson.
It worked out that he was doing some pilot's training that weekend
and was able to fly down to Fort Worth,
hang out with us on Saturday,
then fly back to the air force base on Sunday.
We saw him land and then were able to get up close to his plane.
All week, whenever we saw or heard a plane,
little Bryce would say "Fly! Daddy, Fly!"
We all thought it was pretty cute

Barb said...

I am so happy, click, clicking save so I can have these pictures for my very own.