April 15, 2011

How Romantic It Was

Just the two of us.
Sharing fish, clam chowder, and hot cocoa
worrying that the pigeons and seagulls were preparing to attack
while gazing into each other's eyes.
or the nice view of the puget sound
and all the interesting people walking around
We strolled along the beach
and around the lighthouse,
hand in hand
E stopping to read the signs and impatient me hurrying him on
Confessing our undying love.
probably just discussing our kids the majority of the time
Romantic E swept me off my feet tonight.
and took me to the pharmacy to pick up medicine
on the way home.

Darcee said...

But a date nonetheless. . .and that is huge in a lifetime of keeping a marriage strong!

Jenna Allen said...

LOVE this one! Very very creative and clever. :)

(And cute content) :)

You = Excellent. :)