April 13, 2011

Always Funny

He continues to make me laugh every day.
But as he gets older,
I usually have to bite my lip
to keep from cracking up to his face.
He does not like for you to laugh,
except when he intends for you to laugh.
And he'll often say something clever or smart aleck,
but I don't want to encourage his back-talking, 
so I muster up all the self-control I have
to keep a straight face.
And then Eric and I laugh out loud about it later.

I feel like this is one of those funny instances
he wouldn't get too embarrassed about.
He was really hyper before dinner the other day.
Really hyper.
So I asked him to do a hook-up before we sat down.
He was still a bit wound-up
so I decided to try something my friend does with her son.
Basically, using two hands you give a gentle, but firm massage
down his arms and legs.
I'm sure there's a better way to explain this technique than that. oh well.
As I was working on his arms,
he says
"What? Are you checking me for weapons?"
Obviously, reminding him of things he saw during our recent air travel or something.
He's such a goof.
Darcee said...

Thank you for this! I have been using touch (either a massage or a back scratch) to calm all ages of children in my home since I read this and the difference has been huge! What a wonderful idea to calm and soothe either hyper-ness or unwillingness or pouting!

And yes Kacin is funny!! Laughed at his cute comment!

Barb said...

Los! I have finally figured out how to get to your blog on a "new" computer, as my old, old, laptop has gone droopy. (Not broken really, half the screen is black) I have missed this so much, and might actually write again too!
Kacin, dear Kacin, so witty and charming! Seriously!

Jenna Allen said...

Ah, hahaha!