March 6, 2011

Sweet Sunday

Sunday is very much my favorite day of the week.
Since church doesn't start until 11am this year,
we sleep in really late
until like 7:30 or 8am.
Sometimes the boys will jump into bed with us.
We hang out in our pajamas all morning.
We eat waffles for breakfast.
The boys play together.
I can take a long shower and take my time getting ready.
Everyone gets into their Sunday best,
we help the boys with their ties
and drive off to church.
A big highlight of our day is going to church,
all three hours of it.
We meet as a ward,
made up of imperfect people,
and learn together
of our Savior, Jesus Christ and His teachings.
My life is happier and my week goes better
when I go.
We drive home
and go through our ritual of questions and answers--
What we learned, who taught the lessons, and
how the classes we taught went.
We eat a late lunch.
The boys slip back into their pajamas.
I try not to notice the remnants of our life
littering the floor and covering the tables
so we can all just rest.
We spend the afternoon reading, playing games,
or like today, we yoga it up,
until Eric falls asleep in corpse pose
so we cover him up with a blanket
and speak in whispered voices until he wakes up.
We usually venture out on a family walk through the neighborhood.
Kyler on the way to the Stocks for sugar cookies, skipping the whole way.
On sunny days,
Eric tries out new recipes and grills us some steak and veggies.
We love when we can Skype with our family living in distant lands.
Before bed,
we sit on the couch together and read Chronicles of Narnia.
The boys get tucked in and they fall asleep.
That gives me and Eric a couple of hours to talk, read,
and watch Amazing Race.
I'm so glad we have Sundays
no work. no studying. no errands.
to rest, rejuvinate, and spend together as a family.
Barb said...

You are amazing, I take no credit for that, you have always been.

Stefanie Hyer said...

I am sure glad you get to enjoy your sundays! And that you get to relax and take your time getting ready! I know how hard that is, especially when you have to take care of kids and husbands! I would also like that.. but unfortunately we have the early time! AND Bryce has nap time at 12, so it is probably for the best for now! =)