March 27, 2011

Hoops a Cure

Kacin hurt his leg playing outside on Thursday.
I'm not sure what happened,
or even where he was hurt at.
It was one of those
migrating pains--
the exact location seemed to shift
every time we checked him.
He limped for the rest of the day
and continued to limp on Friday.
Sometimes he insisted on being carried up the stairs
because he was in so much pain.
And then we found the cure.
A sweet, sweet lady from church is moving soon
and offered us her basketball hoop
and bucket of balls.
We surprised the boys and picked it up on Friday.
We don't have the best driveway for it,
but we could not pass up this gift.
And that's how Kacin was healed.
he could shoot hoops and run around the "court"
on both legs just fine.
It was like Christmas!
That night,
Kacin asked over and over,
can we really keep it?
He's told everyone about our new hoop.
We are all so excited, and grateful, to have it!
Jen said...

I hope he didn't get hurt over here!!

Nate and Emily said...

What a great cure! It always worked for me when I was young (I loved our hoop). Now that you have a hoop we really need to come visit! Wish you guys still lived close so we could hang out more! We miss you guys.

And good work on the KKKKK (5K)!!

Barb said...

I love B Ball!!