March 16, 2011

A Blue Apron and Black-Rimmed Eyes

Chef Kacin at your service.
A little of this and a little of that
Kacin Chocolate Chip Cookies!
I told him he could create something in the kitchen this afternoon.
He decided what to add and how much of each thing to use,
with a few guidelines,
like when I steered him away from pouring
a whole cup of vanilla into the bowl,
and a few suggestions,
like there are chocolate chips in the freezer.
I think he added a little flour, water, chocolate chips, brown sugar, vanilla, oats and an egg.
He plopped a gooey mixture onto the baking sheet
and they cooked for a few minutes.
He tried one and said they are very yummy.
We are saving the rest until after dinner
when daddy can partake with us.

And did you notice his new glasses?
The other ones were about 6 months old
when Kacin and Kyler bonked heads and they broke.
It's a really good thing we bought that insurance on his glasses!
That paid off.
The only thing is,
he goes in for an eye exam tomorrow,
that is if they don't cancel on us again
(I'm so frustrated at his Dr. office right now!).
and I'm hoping his prescription didn't change!
Stefanie Hyer said...

Love the new glasses! He looks so much older now! Love the chef... Looked yummy! Have him make us a special when he comes here!

The Kovar Family said...

What a creative kid Kacin is. So... how were they?