February 24, 2011

Snow Day #4

An inch of snow on the road
a sunny day
and they call it a snow day.
No school.
I love being with my boys and all,
but I really
want there to be school
in July.
And at this point, we're only 3 days short of that.

To keep us entertained,
we went to our little school room (aka guest room),
and did phonemic awareness activities,
wrote stories,
and played math games.
Always a teacher, I am
I guess.

Then I copied an idea my friend had
with her kids on a snowy day--
a Read-a-Thon!
We got our blankets and pillows,
and snuggled next to the fire with lots of books.
And of course snacks and treats.
To motivate Kacin and keep him somewhat engaged,
we set the timer for 15 min.
When the timer buzzed,
we put down our books,
picked one more snack and did some jumping jacks.
Then we set the timer again.
We ended up with one hour of reading time.
And full bellies.
I'm certainly excited for another Read-a-Thon someday!
Barb said...

It looks like it was a wonderful afternoon! But isn't your guest room upstairs? I'm confused. . .

Stefanie Hyer said...

Love it! Sorry I interupted with a phone call! Glad you guys had something to entertain you on the snow day! That is so silly that they make their school go that long. A lot of time is often wasted it seems in classes (at least the ones I was in), so they should just use their time better and they wouldn't have to take time out of their summer! Mom - I think Laura was saying that they did the other stuff up in the learning room, but came downstairs and had their read-a-thon.