February 2, 2011

Praising My Family

I think I tend to notice the bad and all the problems
more than all the good that happens,
So today I am making an effort to notice
just how cool my family is.

I'm so impressed with Kyler for lots of reasons.
He has been so responsible
with both his homework and piano practice.
There's the occasional reminder, but usually
he's very independent in doing it and doing it well.
We worked so hard
on getting his room organized right before Christmas,
and for the most part, he has kept it that way!
I've also had a few teachers at his school stop me and tell me
how caring he is.
There's a little girl in his class with Rett Syndrome.
Kyler chooses to sit by her almost every day at lunch.
His teacher said he was the first one in the class to be her friend.
He is typically very obedient when we ask him to do something.
How lucky I am to be his mom!

Kacin is such a loving little boy.
He holds my hand
and tells me after his mission he's going to live by me always. 
He caught me in a big hug today
claiming he needs his mommy cuddles every day.
Lately, he's been full of compliments for me and Eric
about how we're great parents, and cute, too, he says.
He is working hard at school and learning quickly.
He has become very creative in his play,
and will actually keep himself entertained
for twenty minutes at a time (some days).
He's my little friend
who loves to help me cook and join me in whatever I'm doing.
And he can beat us all at Blokus.

Eric is just too great.
I'm so grateful when he helps with dishes at night
and puts the boys to bed on the evenings I'm not home.
He makes me laugh every day.
He's getting so much better at the guitar.
Even when things are stressful at work,
he keeps a good attitude at home.

I do love my little family.
They teach me
and make me very happy.
I am a proud mommy and wife.
Stefanie Hyer said...

You have such a wonderful family! Keep enjoying them and life!

Jenna Allen said...

Awwww! I think they're great too! And you... don't forget to include yourself when you praise your family. :)

And... Kacin ca beat you all at Blokus??!