February 18, 2011

Poor Kid

Kacin turned down dinner last night so we knew something was seriously wrong. He started complaining that his ears were hurting him. He's such a tough little guy, but he was feeling a lot of pain. It was too late for a visit to the Dr.'s, so we had to wait until this morning. When he woke up, both of his ears were oozing and one of his tubes, you know the ones put in last week, was out. That's not good. When the Dr. saw him this morning, he said over and over, "poor kid". He said the word to describe this boy is not easy. He put Kacin on two weeks of the strongest antiobiotics. Kacin has had a little cold this week which must have triggered the ear infections. Terrible ear infections. He's been laying around, napping, and I finally convinced him to eat some ice cream and watch Aladdin.
What else has he been watching lately?
It's Steve Urkel in Family Matters.
chelsea :: stock said...

poor kid! ear aches are so rough.

he is such a trooper!

Stefanie Hyer said...

Awe poor guy! what is next for him and his ears? Hope he feels better soon!! Love that he is watching steve urkel!

Pattie said...

Poor boy! Why is it that some kids never catch a break? Wonder if those nasty numbing drops would help his ears (you know, the ones that are thick and oily)?

Jenna Allen said...

Awww... please give Kacin a hug for me. :)