February 20, 2011

The Point?

Eric swore off playing Blokus with me.
He hates that I don't just win,
I destroy him.
So for entertainment last night,
we resorted in
a GMAT question competition.
We tied.
I think he felt a little better about himself.

Kacin said Article of Faith #2 in Primary today.
He hardly practiced because he totally has it memorized still.
But when he got up in front of everyone,
he said the first word into the microphone,
hid behind the podium,
curled up into a ball,
and crawled inside the podium
before I could go up there to stand by him.
Holding my hand, he said it all by himself just fine.
Then it was like our sealing all over again
and without warning he jumped off of the steps into my arms,
buried his head in my shoulder
wrapped his legs around me
and would not let me put him down.
I carried him,
in a most awkward fashion,
back to his seat.

Eric says he needs his hair cut.
He won't let me do it though.

I played Legos with the boys the other day.
I was the Lego man with the beard.
He had an evil looking face.
We gathered all the Lego men together
and they voted me king.
But Kyler thought his face was too creepy to be the king.
He helped me change his head for a happy face.
And then my happy bearded king
united two groups of people
at a breakfast meeting in my castle.
We decided on a secret word to shout out
if you were ever attacked
by bad guys.
But we would never kill the bad guys.
Just teach them to choose the right.
If they chose to be good they could join our people.
If they didn't,
we shot them off onto another planet.
It was almost as cool as what I remember
My Little Ponies to be.

Eric grilled asparagus and steak today.
He just gets better and better at this grilling thing.

It took us one hour and forty-five minutes
to walk 3 miles
this afternoon.
Only one person broke down into tears
during our family walk.

We went to Costco yesterday
and I saw so many people with birthday cakes.
Now I want one.
Not a birthday.
Just a cake.

I checked out my book club book from the library.
But it reeks like cigarette smoke.
It's putrid.
Every time I open the book
I plug my nose
with one hand and
with the other hand
hold it as far away from my face as possible.
But the stench remains.
So I just keep putting the book back down.

What is the point of all this?
to. be. decided.
Stefanie Hyer said...

Love the random comments! And Kacin's article of faith reading and curling up into a ball... poor guy... good job to him for memorizing it though! And the ONLY ONE person broke into tears during the walk was funny also! =) Love you guys! So excited to see you guys in just 6 weeks!

AnneMarie said...

Love the picture!