January 29, 2011

Unless it Had Been a Blind Dancing Llama with a Mullet

The afternoon couldn't have been stranger.
When we got home,
Eric shook his head in bewilderment.
We intended to find Kyler some new shoes
and then hike a nearby trail.
We stepped into the mall to check out a shoe store.
A stage was set up at the center of the mall
and a local performance studio was putting on a show.
When we walked by we were quite intrigued.
A man was singing a show tune, and he appeared to be blind.
He was blind.
He was really good.
And like fish in a river,
we were lured in.
We saw ballet dancers and singers.
We eventually managed to pull ourselves away for a few minutes,
quickly found Kyler some shoes,
and went right back to the show.
This time we found a bench in a perfect viewing area.
We watched a skit, break dancers, tap dancers, and more.
Eric was highly entertained by the young breakdancer with the mullet.
I think it was the mullet more than the dancing that did it for him.
The boys gave their full attention to all the performers.
Two hours later
we got up from that bench.
"I guess we're not going hiking," someone said.
We got in the car and started to drive
through the parking lot toward the street.
In front of Sears,
a man was walking his dog.
What a nice day to walk your pet.
We turned the corner.
A man and women were walking their pet Llama's.
Who takes their Llamas on a walk around the mall??
Wait, who has llamas??

With visions of performers
and llamas
dancing in our heads,
we got home,
grabbed some headbands,
and put on our own little show
with Eric acting as audience.
There was couch flipping, singing,
and dancing around the room.
If only we had our own stage . . .
Random afternoon?
I think so.
Jenna Allen said...

Excellent afternoon?
I think so.
:) :) :)

Fun fun fun fun fun. :)
Why the headband choice, may I ask? Not that anyone needs to have a reason to wear a headband in that manner, of course.

Barb said...

Laura, really, llamas? Really?! This is one for the books, REALLY!