January 19, 2011

Frustrated Me

I try to be supportive of public education, since I worked in public education.
I try to go into my children's classrooms with open minds.
I don't go in there to spy or search for fault.
But I feel so frustrated sending my son away to school--
a supposedly safe place of learning--
when so many frustrating things are happening.

I generally say don't complain, just do something about it.
But I've tried
and so far nothing's changed.

I see
*Teachers teaching curriculum, and not people. You are not hired to teach your reading program, you are hired to teach kids to be readers. If they are ready to learn and use strategies and skills that are "more than one grade level ahead of curriculum", than by golly why can't they?
*Teachers shaming kids in order to get them to behave, i.e. name on board, "everyone point to the person who is talking", "You are such a naughty kid today."  For serious, I saw and heard all that.
*Teachers speaking in the Third Person. Do you know how hard it is to get your children to speak correctly when they hear things like "Mrs. ___ (refers to self) told Brandon (who she is looking in the eyes and talking to) to get out his book." "Go put it on Mrs. ___'s table." "Mrs. ____ said to line up." all day at school. From someone who is supposed to be instructing children in the language arts. Yes, these are all direct quotes from the teacher, all referring to herself, all things I heard while volunteering in my son's class. No wonder at home he looks at me and says "What does mommy want to do now?" "Can K(himself) go outside?" No more third person please.

I know that not all teachers are like that.
There are some amazing educators out there
who see themselves as professionals
and strive for best practice.
But why can't my son by in their class?
Stefanie Hyer said...

I completely agree! ESPECIALLY I do not like that the kids who COULD be learning ahead, aren't because they aren't "supposed" to.

Jenna Allen said...

Ummm... School vouchers/choice? Hire me to teach him!