January 1, 2011

The First's of 2011

The first moments of the New Year found us
at our good friend's (and neighbor's) house.
We had no intention of actually letting the boys stay up until Midnight.
We were going to be mean parents and go home early and put them to bed.
But somehow we ended up there well past the planned 10:00pm
(was it because of the salmon and the yummy treats or just the fun games?).
Kacin's first few minutes of the New Year . . .
Kyler's first few minutes . . .
Our first awkward nose smashing smooch of 2011 . . .
Our first date of 2011
to the Pacific Science Center
where we played mindbender games,
studied butterflies,
and looked at the Harry Potter wands and other artifacts
at the Harry Potter Exhibition,
in which no photography was allowed inside (lame)
so no pictures of us on the Nimbus 2000 or anything.
Stefanie Hyer said...

How fun!

Barb said...

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of New Year's at my parent's friend's homes. My parents never went off by themselves on New Year's Eve, we always got to go with them, enjoying the treats, playing with kids we hardly ever saw, and the glorious fun of yelling Happy New Year!, even before we knew what it meant.