December 24, 2010

Christmas "Miracles"

A favorite phrase around our house this time of year . . .
"It's a Christmas miracle!"

So here's a few Christmas 'miracles' I've enjoyed this month:
*Eric wrote our Christmas card letter (ok, he does this every year, but I'm glad he's the one he does it)
{since the whole letter would not scan well, answers that were cut off the bottom are: still shorter, no tap dancing (yet), no handstand, and no gout}
*I actually sent the letter out. I debated a lot whether or not it was sendable. I finally just did it though. 
And this is where I put in my big fat apology to all those lovely friends and family of ours who did not get a christmas card from us. I am sorry. I feel bad. I don't have everyone's address and never tracked down some addresses I intended to. But that also means if I didn't have your address, I probably didn't get a card from you, so we're even.

*The boys have had such an enthusiasm for giving and serving. To name a few, money to the bell ringers outside of the grocery store, giving our Subway sandwich lunch to the homeless man on the street corner, and surprising me by cleaning up the kitchen (including sweeping and mopping) after dinner two nights ago.
*I only forgot to put two gifts in the boxes when I mailed all of our packages to AZ.
*The excitement and fun of packages arriving on our doorstep.
*Temperatures have been nice and well above freezing here. And every couple of days we see the sun and the beautiful blue sky. (Will I ever get over my ache for sun and open, blue skies?)
*All the Christmas shopping was complete 3 days before Christmas. Even Santa was ready. His refinishing project is complete.
* How many times in the last few weeks the boys have reminded us all that the real meaning of Christmas is not presents or the big Christmas breakfast some of us are looking forward to, it's love.
*The sweet secret Santa who left some way awesome gifts on our doorstep last night. Unexpected and much, much appreciated. Tears to my eyes and lots of joy and excitement, especially from two little boys. Thank you so much, whoever you are.
Stefanie Hyer said...

I too really really enjoyed getting packages in the mail! That was seriously one of the best parts! For instance when you sent that one package of wall decor for my kids rooms to us as a surprize! It seriously made my day, week, month, etc.! I STILL talk about it and how happy it made me! I only feel bad that I could not return the excitement and send your christmas present in time! Don't worry! I aim to do much better! I got my Christmas tree up and cards sent out in time... so I am definitly progressing! =) much love to you guys! Merry Christmas!

Jacqui said...

Ummmm.... which was the lie?