November 19, 2010

Two Minutes and Counting

"Uh, is this what mommy and Kacin do all day?",
Eric asked Kyler
after we challenged him
to beat our best time.
This is why you wanted me to be
a stay at home mom, right E?
So I can balance Kacin for over two min?
(we could've gone longer but we got bored)
Eric put forth a good effort,

but did not come close to our time.
Plus, he was disqualified for bending his knees.
We discovered Kacin makes the best partner
for this game
not one of us.
Stefanie Hyer said...

haha. love it. keep counting! Also, love Eric's shirt too! Tyson needs one! Where to get?

Barb said...

What are the rules? (And how much does Kacin weigh?!) I want to challenge you!