November 4, 2010


E is out playing basketball. The boys sound asleep since 7:15pm.
Dishes done.
Laundry folded (if you ignore
that one load still sitting in the dryer,
but at least all the laundry that was piled in the hallway
is now neatly tucked away).
And I'm pretty much just excited
to spend a whole day with my E
just me and him
all day tomorrow.
We're celebrating 7 years since tying the knot.
It was my turn to plan an anniversary date.
Yes, unlike all of the friends E has talked to about it,
we take turns planning our anniversary celebration.
Which I don't really mind
because that just means tomorrow
he has to go to an art museum with me.
He doesn't know.
I would tell him,
but he's at basketball and I am home cleaning.
Thinking about E's reaction when I tell him what I have in store.
Much rejoicing?
We'll see.
And I was thinking about how much I enjoyed my boys
Kyler confiding in me about a little girl
who gave him a bracelet and a note
whom he does not have a crush on.
Kacin working on a book that he is writing
to donate to the library.
We were laughing pretty hard at dinner
Not today.
There were reasons why bedtime was 7pm.
And now I think it is definitely my bedtime.
nancy said...


Stefanie Hyer said...

Awe! How cute they look asleep! As well as awake! Happy Anniversary! Wow! Pretty soon it will be 10 whole years! Time sure flies! Enjoy your date night!

Barb said...

Is E taking the day off for you? I remember well your wedding day, my first baby to leave the family, or, to bring in a priesthoodholder, funnyman, wall of strength, and continuous giver. a perfect match for you.

Beckstrand7 said...

I loved this post! I also love the idea you two have of taking turns planning your anniversary celebration! You two are wonderful. Happy Anniversary!