November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving in Pictures

Eric is thankful for . . .
 Dr. Pepper because it's gooood.
 Heater to keep us warm
 Books and Teddy Roosevelt because I've learned so much from both.
 My scriptures because I feel good when I read them.
 Laura is thankful for . . .
windows to look through and see the pretty snow while I stay warm inside
 The piano to learn how to play beautiful music someday
 Our soft cozy bed.
 The space heater in my bathroom.
 My yoga mat to exercise so that now I can touch my toes.
 Kacin is thankful for . . .
my family because I like them.
 my books because I can read them sometimes.
 My play phone so I can play with it.
 My backpack to carry toys when I go on trips and stuff.
 My bed so I can sleep all night.
 Kyler is thankful for . . .
the piano because I am learning how to play it.
I can play the black keys, too!
 myself because I can build lots of lego sets.
 school because I learn math and that 6+6=12.
 Silly bands because I like to wear them and I am practicing so I can wear them to school without playing with them.
 KING 5 News so then I know what the weather is.
 The snow so I can play in it and maybe have a snowball fight.
And Kyler,

who had a really hard time narrowing it down to just five pictures,
slid by with six,
and wanted to add that he is thankful for our family! (me too!!)
Misty said...

That was a great idea. I might steal it if you don't mind. Happy Thanksgiving.

Stefanie Hyer said...

Awe! Happy Thanksgiving! What??? I didn't know it snowed there!! Congrats on the wonderful weather and heaters and all that you have! We love you guys!

Jacqui said...

Ok so my favorite part is the silly bands so he can practice not playing with them! haha This is only funny because I coach little kids who think it is ok to play with, and trade silly bands while I am talking, which is why I am now the owner of so many silly bands (That were taken away) and they are now banned from my classes!!