November 30, 2010

O Christmas Tree

We decided to go green this year
and save an artificial tree.
We ventured to the mountains and the snow
in search of
Christmas Tree.
It didn't go quite as E and I pictured it.
To our memory,
this was the first time we've ever gotten a real Christmas tree.
And honestly
I think that we both thought
we could just drive out to the forest,
park alongside a flat road,
walk 30 feet to a grove of Christmas trees,
arranged somewhat like a pumpkin patch,
then frolic among the trees,
comparing our options,
and choose the one that called to us.
It doesn't exactly work like that.
It went more like
winding slippery snow covered roads
a hike up a trail
Eric and one of the other guys
left us girls and kids behind
and went off the path to try to find
a tree--
any tree--
that could be Christmas-esque.
We waited
a long time.
we had some of the most
lovely, breath-taking surroundings.
And it was pretty impressive
the way Kacin's tongue could lap up the snow.
We did a little sledding down the road.
My manly man E
chopped down a tree
and carried it down the mountainside
back to us.
Adorned with ornaments and lights,
it is the most Christmasy tree
we could ever want.
Stefanie Hyer said...

Awe! It is so beautiful Laura!! I have still never had a real Christmas Tree! And probably won't, or at least for a long time =). Glad you guys got to experience it! It is beautiful there! You guys decorated the tree so well also! Haha, that is really funny though about going green =)

chelsea :: stock said...

oh man. I am the least photogenic person that ever was. please tell me I am not that awkward looking in person. please.

in other news... lets never do that again. actually, lets still do the mountain snow hike, that was awesome. lets just never hunt trees again. (really, why did that guy need a rifle?)

stocker farms next year??

Lisa said...

those snow covered mountains are simply beautiful!! Way to go Eric!!

Suzanne said...

I just have to laugh at your experience because my first - and only - time cutting down a tree in the mountains went about like that. Same hopes, same realizations, same kind of tree. I've decided I'm more of a Christmas tree farm kind of girl. But wow did you get to take in some scenery! And memories, forever, right?