November 30, 2010

O Christmas Tree

We decided to go green this year
and save an artificial tree.
We ventured to the mountains and the snow
in search of
Christmas Tree.
It didn't go quite as E and I pictured it.
To our memory,
this was the first time we've ever gotten a real Christmas tree.
And honestly
I think that we both thought
we could just drive out to the forest,
park alongside a flat road,
walk 30 feet to a grove of Christmas trees,
arranged somewhat like a pumpkin patch,
then frolic among the trees,
comparing our options,
and choose the one that called to us.
It doesn't exactly work like that.
It went more like
winding slippery snow covered roads
a hike up a trail
Eric and one of the other guys
left us girls and kids behind
and went off the path to try to find
a tree--
any tree--
that could be Christmas-esque.
We waited
a long time.
we had some of the most
lovely, breath-taking surroundings.
And it was pretty impressive
the way Kacin's tongue could lap up the snow.
We did a little sledding down the road.
My manly man E
chopped down a tree
and carried it down the mountainside
back to us.
Adorned with ornaments and lights,
it is the most Christmasy tree
we could ever want.

November 26, 2010

Once There Was a SnowHead

The snow fell on Monday

and disappeared this morning.
They closed school for two days
due to bad weather and poor road conditions.
(I don't think they've ever been to Utah.)
We certainly enjoyed the snow
On the trampoline,
in downtown Seattle,
and making snowangels
and a snowhead.

How My Dad Hurt His Back

The same day he arrived.
After sleeping for about 18 hours in a 24 hour period,
he has recovered.
But has decided no more wrestling
for a long while.

November 25, 2010

Happy Thanks 7 Birthday

On this day of thanks,
we are especially grateful for our oldest son
who is celebrating 7 years today.
We love this little guy so much.
Last week,
he had a Lego birthday party with some of his friends.
Kyler made and helped design all of the invitations.
They opened up to be a Lego rectangle. Inside was written "Come build some fun with Kyler at his 7th Birthday Party!" and then all of the party info.
We had a Lego Man Obstacle course, played Who Has the Lego,
and had a few Lego building challenges.
There was cake, ice cream, and presents (lots of new Lego's).
Kyler had a lot of fun
and was so glad so many of his friends could come
(we ended up with 14 little boys running around!).
We celebrated his actual birthday today
after our Thanksgiving feast
with pie, cake, birthday candles, and presents from the fam.

The Thanksgiving feast
was delicious!
Eric BBQed our Turkey
(which turned out perfectly),
the Stock's made more than half of the
yumminess that covered the table,
and between me, my parents, and the boys
we set the tables and prepared a few other dishes.